The Coronavirus hit like a bad anxiety attack. Almost overnight, people went from dismissing it as the lesser version of the flu, to the biggest health pandemic this world has ever seen. The notoriety of this disease spread like a Kardashian’s, leaving countries struggling to cope. It’s crippled economies, and left countries like Iran and Italy in totally chaos. It looks like it will continue to spread and grow for the foreseeable future, as numbers of infected continue to pile up.

The situation today seems like something out of a movie. Killer virus? Airports closed? I never thought I’d ever have to be quarantined. I used to read about the black plague and think “Damn they had it rough back then, it’d be different now”. I guess not. I always thought the biggest threat to human’s health was and would be cancer. That curing cancer was the final frontier. Nope.

What a time to be a conspiracy theorist. They’re walking around like Kings on Earth. “The coronavirus”. Where did that come from? A bat? A bioweapon? I don’t give that much thought to conspiracy theories because I don’t see the end game in it. So it’s a bioweapon…ok? What would that prove? That there are greater powers at play controlling things and making decisions that affect the world over. As if that wasn’t something everyone already knew.

Playing devils advocate, let’s humour some of the theories floating around.The coronavirus has led to a CRASH in the current world order, when there were already talks of a CRASH incoming. China, the rising power, ready to take helm of the ship. USA, the existing world power, not ready to give that mantle up. So for the past years these two countries have been going back and forth, in an Ali versus Frasier, THRILLA IN MANILLA, like manner. Is the coronavirus the latest card being played in this high stakes game of power-poker? Or has the world just been dealt a shitty hand?

“The situation today seems like something out of a movie. Killer virus? Airports closed? I never thought I’d ever have to be quarantined. I used to read about the black plague and think “Damn they had it rough back then, it’d be different now”. I guess not.”

Is it a coincidence that this pandemic is occurring, right before the US elections, and right after the Democrats, Donald Trump’s main opposition, seem to have lost the race before it has even started? It was not so long ago the Democrats tried to impeach Trump, failing miserably. The failed impeachment attempt only seemed to bolster Trump’s grandeur, making him seem invincible. Couple that with his performance in the roaring stock market, the Democrat’s lack of a worthy candidate, it seemed that Trump was a sure thing to bag a second term in office. Then the Coronavirus happened and that second term is in jeopardy. All the gains he made in the stock market since he took office have been WIPED OUT. How he’s handling the pandemic is reminding everyone of a crucial fact, Trump is no world leader. He may be a savvy businessman, yes, but he is definitely not fit to lead the USA, and the world, out of this crisis.

Across the global platform it’s pretty much the same thing. Italy is lacking in leadership. So is Iran. Macron, while leader-esque in stature, is struggling. Europe in totality is a mess, the UK none better. Boris Johnson basically offered up the people of England as sacrificial lambs in a war against Covid-19. Everywhere you look, leaders seem clueless, and unqualified to actually lead.

It all seems to be a bit unnerving when looking at the big picture. Two months ago we thought we were the most superior of beings. We marveled at our supposed technological advancements. We danced with Elon Musk on stage. We made viral videos and soared to virtual fame. We bullied and stepped on each other, threatened ourselves with wars. We took Earth for granted, polluted the air and burned its lands. We disregarded Mother Nature, who seems to be the sole beneficiary from this pandemic, as carbon levels and pollution have dropped, allowing her to breath a little.

For the longest time we acted holier than thou, stomping around with a narcissistic demeanor and attitude, only to be humbled, sent to isolate in our rooms like little children, by the one of the smallest things in this world, a virus. Who knows how this pandemic ends, or who comes out the “strongest” after the dust settles. What are the implications in a world after Covid-19? In this crisis, world leaders have shown their incompetence on full display. Alliances were shown to be useless. As a result, borders were closed, airports shutdown, an “every man for himself” policy went into full effect.

You know when you can’t sleep at night, so you lie awake in bed and your mind begins to wander. Social distancing and self isolation has sort of felt like the same thing. We all have too much free time on our hands and so we start to think of other-worldly issues. What’s more other-worldly than the other-world we’ve just been catapulted into. It’s a reminder to not take things for granted. Remember when you wanted to sign up for the gym on Monday; start to get ready for summer? Ya forget about that. Or how you were supposed to go out this Friday with the girl you met at the bar last week. Rain check buddy. The only certain thing today, is thing’s are definitely not going to be the same tomorrow. Life after Covid-19 is going to feel different for everyone. Hopefully, we as a collective, come out of all this more appreciative of what we have, instead of regret for what were losing. There is lessons to be taken. Not only the crucial lesson of washing our hands at all times, but also wash away our bad habits.

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