Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and University professor who skyrocketed to fame because of YouTube videos of his lectures. He’s made a lot of controversial stands, most notable his stand of not abiding by the Canadian government’s law to introduce “gender identity and expression” as a prohibited grounds of discrimination. Jordan argued that the Canadian government was dictating to the people how to speak and what words to use, imposing on their freedom of speech. It was this stance that gained him his early notoriety. Anyway I recommend reading up on him and watching some of his youtube videos and interviews.

This is one of my favorite debates of all time. Jordan was brought on the show for an interview but seemingly becomes bombarded by accusations rather than statements by the interviewer Cathy Newman. The topics discussed are very interesting topics, and each of the debaters have valid view points. It’s just funny to see Cathy misconstrue and twist Jordan’s words and statements throughout the whole interview. A bright moment is when early on Jordan makes the claim that woman are more agreeable than men, a trait that hinders their success in the workplace. Cathy immediately critiques this. Later on in the interview, when Jordan is discussing Cathy’s successful career with her, he points out to her that she is not very agreeable, to which she admits is correct. There’s a bunch of back and forth between these two, and the opinions and viewpoints being discussed are interesting ones, important topics today. Of course the reason why I like this debate so much is how well articulated Jordan is, always calm, always taking his time to think of Cathy’s statements and his response to them. Cathy is the opposite of that, she seems to be always on the attack, coming from a position of emotion rather than a rational one. The contrast between these two approaches makes this interview that more intriguing. It’s a fun watch whether for the mechanics of the debates itself, the topics discussed, or the people in it.

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