Public Service Announcement listen up.

By now everybody knows how Lebanon has been paralyzed economically, even before Covid-19. Many businesses were suffering, losing money, and shutting down. The Children Cancer Center in Lebanon is also having trouble. Because of Covid-19 they had to move from their building in Hamra near AUH to another building, out of concerns for the children’s health and safety. Their donations have taken a dip which has affected their finances because they rely on donations to cover expenses.

I have a weak spot for the CCCL. I try to help and donate as much as I can. I know these are trying times for many, and in trying times, people tend to prioritize personal needs over others. But we shouldn’t turn our attention away from people that need our help when they need it the most. I’m not telling you to break out Daddy’s fucking check book and cut them a blank check. But anything could be helpful during these times. Even it’s a 15$ through the MTC Touch app, it can still can go a long way. If 3,340 people each donated 15$, that would be enough to cover the cost of treating one child suffering from cancer. Plus with everybody in isolation I’m sure many have extra money saved from spending less.

Yes there are Covid-19 patients, and there are families in need, but the CCCL has been around before these economic and health crises, the risk is it may not be here after.

If you would like to donate you can do so through the MTC TOUCH app on your phone. Or just follow the link below to CCCL website and see all the different ways you can donate. Hopefully we’ll see a day where we live in a disease free world, rid of coronavirus, cancer and everything else. But until then we have to help each other out every way possible.

Link to CCCL Website to Donate:

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