masked man in tripoli protests in Lebanon

I’m sure the news of the Gamestop stock activity, along with the activity of a few other comatose companies is old news to many of you by now. Instead of just sitting on the side, and watching the commotion unfold, you might have opened up your own little stock account, and jumped in on the frantic frenzy.

This isn’t another article about the activity of Gamestop. Nor about Reddit users grabbing global headlines from the basements of their homes with one screen occupied with stock graphs and the other with UFC highlights. This is neither a chastising, holier-than-thou, piece, scrupulous to intricacies of the stock market and Wallstreet activity. Rest assured, my faith in Wall Street died the moment the end credits of the movie the Big Short rolled. Since then I’ve approached the stock market like every other onlooker. It is a stew of manipulation and power hierarchy controlled by the few at the top to dominate the many at the bottom.

game stop brick and mortar store

Even as the Gamestop stock surge is being painted as -finally- the little man’s attempt at redemption, as David slaying Goliath, I’m still skeptical to the fact and continue to believe that we are and will always remain the effect more often than the cause. As puppets at the end of the very short strings at the fingertips of the master puppeteers.

My hunch grows when I take a step back and take in the vast volatile state of the word, and how the current state of the stock market serves as one small scene in this never-ending movie.

Volatile is the world that doesn’t see solutions, rather temporary fixes. And because of this, volatile is what the world is to remain. It feels like everybody is living their life on auto-pilot, not wanting to address the issues, and rather wait for the solutions to present themselves. Face masks serve as temporary solutions until permanent ones surface. The stock market seems like the best get-rich-quick scheme in the midst of a failing economy and rising unemployment. The world-over refuses to solve its daunting problems. We are instead satisfied with covering up a punctured lung with a bandaid. It feels like countries favor closing borders, isolating themselves from others. While we scramble to react to the problems, we are abusing our systems and institutions. To the point where we will have nothing left to lean on when this is all over.

It’s not about the stock market, although I fear that it soon will be. After all, many intelligent investors have already begun to see the writing on the walls. From a theoretical approach, the stock market is showing us our true colors. It is personifying our behaviour the last few years. Whether we’re running to grab the last piece of toilet paper roll off the shelf, or rushing to buy the dip of a stock before its price surge, our reactions have proved our priorities. A behavioral experiment that provided us with real-life results. Actual insight into our psychology, when faced with chaotic conditions or unusual scenarios.

The old saying goes, that when you are pre-occupied with something over here, something else more important is happening elsewhere. It’s the classic magicians trick. How else does a magician pull off his tricks? By sleight of hand. Consuming your attention with a shiny object while they go about deceiving you. The final product a smiling bewildered buffoon, half-dazed almost drunk-like, not knowing what had happened to them, but content with the explanation that they are provided. Standing across from them, a master manipulator, satisfied with their work, having duped yet another clueless victim. Which character in that story, do you think represents you, the manipulative magician or the dazed volunteer ?

In the end people don’t control their fate, or destiny. And that idea is instilled in you at the very beginning of your life. And while the the idea is that a divine power had pre-ordained your future, sure, but whose to say that divine power exists? And why were the aspects of free-will and destiny singled out, out of the many other things that could have been determined for you, like character or faith. The idea that you are not in control of your destiny was instilled in you at a very early part of your life so that you can forego the notion that you control your destiny and just continue to roll with the punches that they keep throwing at you. It’s why you lack fire and are so lackadaisical to all that is happening around you. You may be the most sober person to ever exist, yet you are as intoxicated as an alcoholic because you’ve lost the sense of self-determination. You think someone else controls your life, your future. Whether it’s God, the Government or a Global and powerful secret society, it doesn’t matter, the devil is in the details. What does matter is that it isn’t you.

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