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Ruined Your Sons by Circe Single Review

(image source) This music review was published on UK publication Music Is To Blame. “Ruined Your Sons” by Circe is a gloomy and melodic eye opening to the world of male masculinity and its counterbalance of emotions and sensitivity. In her latest single off of her upcoming EP She’s Made of Saints set to drop November 25, Circe... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

This article was published on Medium. There are many things you discover once you start writing. But the main takeaway is the power of words. Because words do hold tremendous power. The power to persuade and to convince. To evoke emotions without the use of emotions themselves. You often take for granted how words play... Continue Reading →

The Positive Perks of Not Having a Plan

Quote taken from the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite”. The following article was published on Medium You ever find yourself too caught up in the moment? Or just overthinking something and anxiously looking forward to it past the point of unbearable, where you begin to loathe it? We’ve all been there. I remember once I was meant to... Continue Reading →

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