Lebanon’s Hara-Kiri

Art by Mouna Bassil Sehnaoui (Instagram @sehnaouimouna) A few things I’ve learned in this crazy experience called being a Lebanese. One, it’s common practice that we glamorize our resiliency. What we refuse to acknowledge is that we are resilient to a fault. And when that’s the case it becomes less about resilience and more about... Continue Reading →

A Written Speech

*As part of an online writing course, my assignment was to write a speech using the methods and tools I learnt in the course. This is the speech I submitted. People of this great nation of Lebanon To the united backgrounds, sects, and religions Thank you for being here today. When God shuffled his deck... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Needs To Save The Pubs

It was 1 am on a Saturday night, and I was being served a salad. I was just as confused as you. Mostly because I didn’t order a salad. But it wasn’t the salad I was worried about. It was the cops gathering outside the pub I was in. Apparently the salad was part of... Continue Reading →

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