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Personal blog for Lebanon posting about social and political issues.

A writer by choice, I write about passionate subjects which, unfortunately, would be Lebanon. The content I post on my website and social media is a firsthand perspective about life in Lebanon.

Why I Started The Website

Given the current commentary climate in the country today, I felt that there were certain opinions that were being left out of the conversation as a whole. In Lebanon, social or political topics are being misrepresented. Which is why Lebanese bloggers, or public figures, have begun to increasingly grow in numbers. However, this page, and it’s writer, are not following the prototypical narrative of the increased social activism in Lebanon. My opinions may be unorthodox, or not in line with the general consensus. It’s not to say one is right and the other is wrong. Rather, I’m an activist in my own right; a leader of my own thought.

Working Together

Do you have a product or a business you want to sell, but you’re feeling lost for words? Contact me through the Write For You page. I will promise to do my best to bring to life the words held captive in your mind.

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“The road to hell is paved with adverbs”

-Stephen King


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