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This is my personal website that I use to showcase my writing and where I build my portfolio.

A writer by choice -and because I lost a bet- I write about passionate subjects that range from politics, to real estate, business, marketing, lifestyle, music and more.

As for the Lebanon blog aspect, the content that I post on my website and social media is a firsthand perspective about life in Lebanon.

SEO Writing Services

I specialize in SEO writing which is writing with the sole purpose of boosting your website’s presence on search engines like Google. SEO writing differs from common writing from the tools and techniques that you need to use within the article in order to meet the search engine requirements, and rank higher on their search engine results page (SERPs).

SEO or search engine optimization is -therefore- the key way to get on top of search engine rankings. SEO writing is one aspect of SEO and it plays a huge part because it is creating the essential content that you need to fill your website with so that Google and other search engines can identify it and rank it on their website.

Important SEO skills and tactics that I apply in my writing:

  • Keyword Placement
  • Anchor Text
  • Link Building
  • Optimizing Headlings
  • Writing Clear and Concise Writing
  • High Quality Content that Attracts Readers

Working Together

Do you have a product or a business you want to sell, but you’re feeling lost for words? Are you struggling to create content that will rank your website higher on Google? Contact me through the Write For You page. I specialize in writing and provide a range of services like blog posts, SEO writing, social media captions, scripts and drips, Email campaigns and more!

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“The road to hell is paved with adverbs”

-Stephen King


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